Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day on the Ride + Friends of ALC

Hello Friends! Clay here.

You may (or may not have) noticed that we haven't posted in a while. That's because we've been too busy cycling! Seriously folks, we are not kidding. Since we last posted, we have started riding on both Saturdays and Sundays. It's officially that time to see what it feels like to ride two days in a row. We are also officially getting stronger. And that feels good.

We've been getting cozy with Marin County as of late. We've been up and around the towns of Mill Valley, Larkspur, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Point Reyes, Nicasio, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael....well, the list goes on. Let's just say it's official: we love Marin (good thing we chose Mill Valley as our wedding location next year!).

This past weekend we had our best ride yet. AIDS/Lifecycle hosted a simulated "Day on the Ride" where 400 riders descended upon Mike's Bikes of San Rafael to meet up and ride together through Marin exactly as we might do this June for the real ride to Los Angeles. And it was great. Not only was it gorgeous and hot (we love the heat!), but it was extra fun because we got to ride with so many of our friends. So, this post is actually dedicated to "Friends of ALC".  And we don't have photos of all of them, but here are three of our favorite friends with a little story of each.

This is Kas Neteler with Lisa. We love Kas! She's been part of the ALC community for many, many years. I met Kas on an Orinda training ride 5 years ago (and we did the ride together in 2007 and have been friends since), and Lisa actually met Kas ages ago through friends. We love hanging out with Kas and her partner Joy and just talking for hours. Kas does great impressions and always makes us laugh. We are excited to tent next to her this year on the ride —it's her first ALC ride in 5 years, too. Oh, and she she was so generous to lend us her double sized Aerobed for the ride!

This is Bob Golden. Bob is our newest friend. We started training with him several months ago. Bob is a dentist living in Alameda. And he never exercised much at all until his 24-year old daughter (Eryn, on his right), introduced him to the AIDS/Lifecycle community. He did his first ALC ride ever last year, and tells us that his first training ride led to the longest incident report ALC ever had to fill out (flat tire, accident, getting lost....you name it!). Now, Bob is hands down one of the strongest riders in ALC. He is consistently one of the first riders to finish, and he's become Lisa's favorite training partner (besides me, of course). He is helpful, friendly, silly, and super fun to ride with.

This is Matty Millspaugh. We love Matty! I have been friends with Matty for years and it's so great to be able to ride with him again this year. Matty was the driving force behind my first triathlon (Wildflower) two years ago. What can I say? He inspires me. Matty has been riding AIDS/Lifecycle now for 11 years. He's a top fundraiser and at this stage, he's about to reach the $50,000 mark for all the fundraising he has done for the Foundation over 11 years. We're so impressed with all he does and we love riding with him, too (though, we really can't keep up anymore). And he's also one of the most generous and caring people we know.

Here are our other friends on the road -- we so love enjoy saying hello to the cows as we bike by.

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