Monday, February 20, 2012

Wine Country Ride {and a BIG surprise!}

Yep, this past weekend Clay took me to the wine country. It was a surprise trip. Until the day we left, I had no idea where we were going. I only knew to bring my road bike, and that the weekend would include a training ride in a beautiful place!

We went to this really awesome B&B in Cloverdale and it was soooo pretty there. On Saturday morning we woke up and ate the yummy vegan breakfast that they made for us and headed out on our ride. We decided to do a loop from Cloverdale to Healdsburg and back around. About 37 miles.

It was truly a beautiful ride! On the way out we had tail winds and lovely blue sky.

After we turned around we (of course) caught a big head wind (duh), but the scenery was still pretty, so we powered through, including a Category 5 climb at mile 30 (OUCH).

When we arrived back at the car we had each burned a healthy 1475 calories and we were HUNGRY. Fortunately we brought some delicious lunch with us to the B&B and we ate every bite.

After lunch we decided a little cable TV on the fluffy bed was in order. After a couple hours Clay kept trying me to go out for a walk with her, and I kept declining. Little did I know she was trying to get me out of the room and out for a walk SO SHE COULD ASK ME TO MARRY HER!! I am such a dork.

Finally, I agreed to get up off the bed and turn the TV off, and before I had a chance to throw her plan off again, she got down on her knees, presented me with a stunning ring and proposed! I could not be more thrilled.

You can read more about what our engagement means to me on my personal blog.

We are still working hard to raise money for ALC. Please help us reach our fundraising goals if you are able! You can donate to Lisa's fundraising efforts HERE, and to Clay's HERE. We can't do it without you!

Lisa (and Clay)

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